Guided TPLO Wet-lab at CSU

28th-29th February, 2024.

Colorado State University,

Translational Medical Institute,

2350 Gillette Drive,

Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr Ross H. Palmer, DVM, DACVS, MS

Sponsored by Arthrex Vet Systems

You’re experienced in bone plating, and you’ve treated your share of cruciate ligament ruptures with Extracapsular suture stabilization. You’re wondering … are you ready for TPLO?  … does it make sense for your patients who can’t accept a referral?  Truth be told … you’re a bit nervous about the idea of cutting the tibia and that’s understandable.  If you’ve ever thought “it would be nice if a surgeon could be in the O.R. with me to guide my cut, confirming how far to rotate the plateau segment, and to review my postoperative radiographs with me” …  THIS is the course for you!

Our engaged educators know that accurate preoperative radiographic planning, transfer of that plan to your patient, and precise execution of the osteotomy are among the greatest challenges for you as you learn to perform TPLO.  Next is the challenge of optimal placement of your fixation implants.  This course is truly one-of-a-kind because it uses a combination of a TPLO guidance system and specially designed implants that, together, will make your TPLO procedure easier, safer, and more accurate. Who doesn’t want that?

It starts with a commercially available TPLO preoperative planning and guidance system that will help you with crucial decisions like “is my patient a good candidate for TPLO?”. If “YES”, this system will guide your osteotomy execution making sure that it is in just the right spot, and the tibial plateau is rotated the correct amount. With this preoperative planning and cutting guide system, you’re not out there on your own struggling to adapt your new learning to nuanced situations … instead you’ve got a decision-making team to guide your planning, your TPLO execution and your postoperative care!  Combine this with industry leading TPLO fixation implants and engaged instruction from leading educators who are motivated to define the next level in surgical training, and you’ve got a training experience that you cannot find anywhere else. After this course, let us help you decide what “next steps” make sense for you and your practice.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: You should have completed our Complete Introduction to Bone Plating course (or similar formal bone plating training) and have experience with stifle anatomy and the surgical approach to the stifle joint before attending this course.

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Open to technicians to attend with a veterinarian from their practice (1 technician per veterinarian)

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