• We treat cruciate ligament disease using 3D printed implants and clever instrumentation. We help you perform great surgery by providing the right tools, education and ongoing support. We are leading the world and we want you to be a part of it.

  • Our people are veterinary surgeons and engineers. Like you, we are here because we love watching animals live healthy active lives. We embrace new technology and are committed to evidence-based care. Ultimately, our products reflect the lessons learnt in decades of research and help you give the best possible care.

Guided TPLO

Configured for each patient, this single-use Guide helps reduce the variables by giving you precise control of the osteotomy position and rotational correction.

Designed with you in mind, this Guide opens the possibilities for you and your clinic, presenting the opportunity to offer a specialist-level surgery.

Decision Support helps you identify risk factors and create a plan best suited for each case.

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Guided TTA

Pre-configured to match your patient's anatomy, the clever TTA Guide controls where you drill and cut, so the osteotomy and Wedge Implant are always in the right place. The TTA Guide allows you to control the thickness of the tibial crest and ensures you have enough bone stock.

You can feel confident the osteotomy will end up in the right place, without unwelcome surprises on your post-op X-rays.

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TTA Implants

Our Wedge Implants are unique, but what matters most is that your patients will heal quickly.

We use certified industrial 3D printing to manufacture our Wedge Implants. The porous scaffold encourages rapid bone ingrowth within weeks. The inherent flexibility promotes bone health over time.

We make all our implants from biocompatible titanium that allows for direct bone to implant contact, without an intervening fibrous layer.

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Decision Support

Send us your patient’s X-rays and together we will create the right surgical plan. We provide you with a written report, including a specialist veterinarian opinion to help you discuss the surgery with the owner. Configure your Osteotomy Guide before surgery based on your plan.

Decision Support can help you prevent complications by identifying and mitigating risk factors before they become a problem.

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  • We specialise in helping general practitioners and veterinary surgeons to offer amazing treatments. Our workshops teach you everything you need to use the OssAbility Stifle System confidently. We offer one-day workshops with content tailored to your skill level combined with a hands-on practical session.

  • We have an excellent tutor-to-delegate ratio, and our specialist veterinary surgeons will help you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about workshops throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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